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Bouquets of roses


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Roses are a royal flower, it is grace and tenderness, passion and charm, courage and prosperity in one flower. It was this flower that became the beginning of the floral language, laid the foundation for future floristry. It is said that this flower will appear long before people, with its beauty shining on as yet deserted plains and fields. Both small and huge bouquets were presented by knights to their beloved, and later entered legends, of which there are a great many.

Many years later this flower was sung in songs and ballads, sculptures and statues created in honor of it, it was added to frescoes and stained glass, as well as to jewelry. And to this day to wear a rose means to have a good taste, to choose a strong and independent flower companion with its own special aura.

Even now the most romantic gift is considered to be flowers. Thanks to our courier service, we can easily deliver roses to any point in Ukraine. A bouquet ordered from us will be individually assembled by the best florist in the nearest town to order. Buy a beautiful bouquet of roses from us - an easy and simple matter, available to everyone!

Beautiful bouquets for any occasion: our assortment

Our flower shop provides a chic floral catalog, most of which are deservedly occupied by bouquets of the queen of flowers. And all because every day we buy more than twenty bouquets of roses for a different color and taste. In addition, we operate with fresh flowers only, because our reliable suppliers provide a 100% quality guarantee for each flower.

In our store you will find bouquets for everyone:

  • A bouquet of red roses: it's no secret that red roses are love and passion expressed in flower buds. Sweet aroma makes them special and the best gift for any romantic occasion. A bouquet of red roses is also a harmony, greatness and wealth, and therefore a bouquet of red roses deserves special attention;
  • A bouquet of white roses: this color symbolizes chastity and innocence, modesty and timidity, because white roses so often appear at weddings and are the best gift for the mother. White color is also faithfulness and devotion, purity and beauty in its best manifestation;
  • Beautiful pink roses: as a rule, these flowers mean tenderness and shyness, but besides this - nobility and elegance. This fragile flower expresses sweet and romantic thoughts, with its help it is easy and pleasant to admit to love.

Ah, those beautiful roses! How many values they have and how many different uses they can be! A bouquet of 25 red roses will best fit on the anniversary of a relationship with your beloved wife or become an adornment on a date with a girl. A huge bouquet of roses for Father's Birthday, sustained in strict style, will be an unforgettable and bright gift. A bouquet of roses for a beloved sister can have a variety of options and shades: from tender white to sunny orange.

Each bud in the bouquet, regardless of shape, variety and color - is in itself an ideal gift, and therefore a single rose can also be purchased from us. But a huge bouquet of 101 roses will help express your feelings and get the cherished "yes" to the most important question.

Delivery of flowers in Ukraine from the most reliable service: quickly and efficiently

Here you can order a bouquet with delivery to any city at the best prices. Always fresh and relevant, our flowers are chosen not only by Ukrainians, but also by residents of foreign countries. We guarantee free delivery of flowers in large cities of Ukraine, as well as in any locality. Here you can buy roses with delivery at any time of the day: we work without days off, and our managers are always ready to help with the order and start its execution.

We also provide such a service as a bouquet with home delivery: the opportunity to present an original and romantic gift to an original gift. And given the promotions and discounts that are constantly held in our store, a large bouquet of roses can be ordered with delivery, everyone can.!

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