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Flowers box with sweets


Box of hearts with macaroons

661 UAH

Macaroons and flowers in the heart

711 UAH

Miniature box with macarons

801 UAH

Small box of flowers with macaroons

806 UAH

A small composition with macarons

812 UAH

A pretty little heart with macarons

879 UAH

Romantic box with macaroons

1019 UAH

Class composition with macarons

1025 UAH

Heart with orchids and macarons

1086 UAH

Bright square box with macarons

1114 UAH

Funny composition with macarons

1126 UAH

Bright heart with macarons

1131 UAH

Amazing composition with macarons

1170 UAH

Box with macaroons for a girl

1198 UAH

Contrasting heart with macarons

1215 UAH

Marvelous composition with macarons

1217 UAH

A lovely box with macaroons

1221 UAH

9 red roses and macarons

1226 UAH

White flowers and bright macarons

1333 UAH

Charming composition with macarons

1355 UAH

Original box with macarons

1361 UAH

Bright composition with macarons

1394 UAH

Delicate flowers and Raffaello

1432 UAH

Bright heart with macarons

1501 UAH

An unusual box with macarons

1540 UAH

5 spray roses, 4 chrysanthemums and macarons

1546 UAH

Romantic box with macarons

1585 UAH

Box with macarons in pastel colors

1624 UAH

An exquisite composition of flowers and macaroons

1624 UAH

An unusual heart with macarons

1630 UAH

Gentle box with macarons

1669 UAH

15 white roses, macarons and raffaello

1767 UAH

Flowers in a box of sweets will be the decorations of every celebration. Present with sweets and flowers is universal and multifaceted in its essence. Flowers and compositions made of flowers with sweets are used both in the business environment and for romantic occasions. That's why buying them is so pleasant and easy, because knowing the preferences of your relatives and people who surround you, you will be able to congratulate them on their merits with the upcoming holidays!

A flower arrangement with sweets is a nice and bright present for any occasion

Gift boxes with flowers and sweets - this is perhaps the best invention of modern florists. Flowers and sweets, even individually, are pleasant and unforgettable gifts, and in combination with each other can produce a real sensation.

The beauty of this type of gift lies in many small things that at first glance you will not notice. So, for example, a composition in a sweet box can be presented in nature or out of the house - the convenience of conveying the gift makes it particularly pleasant and comfortable for the recipient. It is also known that it is flowers and sweets that can best emphasize feelings that are as sweet and bright as flower buds and candies inside the box. They are also suitable as an additional gift to other, more important - decorations, toys, equipment and much more.

In our store you can find many variations of a gift with sweets, which will suit one or another person. Our experienced florists made a huge number of flower-sweet combinations, thanks to which they can be given for a variety of reasons. For example, sweets and flowers in a heart-shaped box will taste like a beloved woman on February 14.

The sweetness and unusualness of the gift will make her the happiest on this warm and family holiday. A hat box with large flowers and macaroons is suitable for congratulating with her help your favorite boss for a jubilee or a professional holiday. The delicacy of this gift and the qualitative selection of not only flowers, but also sweets of fresh freshness, will make of you the most attentive and responsible employee.

In the case if you want to surprise your family, mom and dad pleasantly, buy flowers in a box with sweets and a bottle of semisweet champagne - a present that any holiday will make special.

Another advantage of this gift is that you can order bouquets in boxes with a sweet addition at any time of the year. After all, the flower filling changes in accordance with the season and your requests, and sweets are available for purchase at all times.

Where is simpler and more reliable to buy flowers in a box of sweets?

More than 10 years of experience, many payment methods, courier delivery of the world level - all this defines us as one of the most proven and reliable floristic salons in Ukraine!

To order flowers with sweets from us is an excellent choice, after all:

  1. We provide a 100% quality guarantee for all of our products, as well as promotions and discounts for regular customers;
  2. We have professional staff, whose responsible attitude makes us the most reliable and quality company;
  3. Our delivery service is open around the clock, and therefore you can place an order for any time - the courier will bring the gift at the appointed time.

The delivery of flowers in a box of sweets takes only a couple of hours on any of the days. Also, when ordering a flower box, you can be provided with advice and professional help from our managers.

We pay attention to detail and each order separately, making it with a soul and great care for customers. Thanks to us and our services, every Ukrainian can order a dream gift for his family and friends. And in case you want to present a surprise - we can add a free postcard with wishes, drawn up by you for a special case!

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