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5 multicolored chrysanthemums

785 UAH

5 daisy chrysanthemums

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5 multicolored chrysanthemums

816 UAH

7 multicolored gerberas

913 UAH

7 multicolored chrysanthemums

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7 multicolored chrysanthemums

1008 UAH

carnations in the box

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7 daisy chrysanthemums

1045 UAH

7 yellow chrysanthemums

1062 UAH

11 alstroemerias

1063 UAH

7 gerberas in the box

1071 UAH

7 yellow calla lilies

1088 UAH

9 daisy chrysanthemums

1169 UAH

9 white chrysanthemums

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Bouquet of 3 eustoma and 4 alstromeries

1180 UAH

chrysanthemums in the box

1183 UAH

5 white chrysanthemums

1196 UAH

9 multicolored calla lilies

1246 UAH

A bouquet of flowers is an ageless classical gift that perfectly fits into any celebration or holiday. Thanks to such bright, floral presentations, you can strengthen friendly bonds, admit love, give warmth and affection to loved ones. Tender and touching, strong and powerful, luxurious and elegant - all this about colors and their variety in bouquets, which is presented in our electronic catalog. Here you can always order flowers with delivery to the right address!

Bouquets of flowers: our offers and assortment

In our store you can always find the largest flower assortment of bouquets in Ukraine. It is available for us to buy a huge variety of different colors that are absolutely exactly to taste even the most stringent connoisseurs, and which we will describe in more detail.

Bouquet of alstromeries – charming and gentle. Alstroemeria, these fragile and delicate flowers, carry in themselves divine power. Beautiful, strong, hardy - all this is about this enchanting and magically beautiful flower. You can give it almost always: both for romantic occasions, and for friendly ones. Alstroemeria with delivery can be bought almost all the year round. These flowers are almost always available.

Bouquet from amaryllis – proud and attractive. Amaryllis is considered a true male flower. His beautiful, moderately strict bud is great for creating bouquets for strong and powerful men. Give it to the representative of the stronger sex, from which your heart beats faster. These flowers basically need to be ordered in advance, as the demand for them is not great.

Bouquet of anthurium – strict and courageous. Anthurium, this unusual and colorful flower, is a symbol of masculinity, power and strength. Not surprisingly, with him composed mostly male compositions and bouquets. Because buying it is best for your beloved men: fathers, brothers and husbands.

Bouquet from aster – graceful and catchy. The fluffy, large bud of this flower of various shades attracts attention, and therefore makes the astra an excellent decoration for the office or home interior. These are seasonal autumn flowers. Buy asters should your loved ones, emphasizing respect for them, or colleagues.

Bouquet of carnations – classic and strong. Carnation was remembered to all of us thanks to the holiday on May 9, but in addition it has a lot of color scales and varieties. Her tender buds can be bought for both men and women, because they equally skillfully emphasize their beauty, strength and will be an excellent gift for the celebration. Carnations are imported from Holland, so they are present in the assortment of the store all year round.

Bouquet from dahlias – catchy and sensual. Dahlias are a flower-caprice, which speaks of fascination and of ecstasy from the recipient. Its beautiful petals make it possible to form from it both beautiful bouquets and luxurious compositions for beloved and dear to the heart of people. Delivery of these flowers is possible in late summer or early autumn.

Bouquet of gerberas – bright and sunny. Beautiful flowers, outwardly very similar to a daisy, but much larger and all the rainbow colors - this is about the queen-gerbera. A bouquet with gerberas will wish good, bring positive emotions and emphasize the friendship of the relationship. You can buy gerberas with delivery all year round.

Bouquet from hyacinths – stylish and original. The majestic and wise hyacinth is an infrequent visitor in floristry, but all compositions and bouquets with it look amazingly bright and extraordinary. Due to this, to buy hyacinths is worth to people strong and purposeful, for example, a boss or colleagues. This seasonal spring flower, which is on March 8.

Bouquet from gladiolus – strong and attractive. Gladiolus was once the main flower of the gladiators themselves, for which he got his name. Such a purposeful and brave flower will help emphasize both the male character traits and the female ones, because its versatility and beautiful appearance make it an ideal gift. Gladiolus - summer flowers. To order a bouquet with delivery it is possible only in the summer.

Bouquet of hydrangeas – cute and amazing. Hydrangea is a reminder flower. It is believed that the buds of this plant do not allow the recipient to forget about the person who gave them. This is extremely useful, especially if the hydrangea is bestowed on a beloved girl or sister.

Bouquet of irises – special and unusual. Delicate tangents are exactly what will bring comfort, peace and many happy smiles to any home. A sensitive fragrance will emphasize the importance of this presentation, as well as remind you of the moment when the bouquet was presented. Therefore, it is recommended to buy irises for young girls or loved ones. Irises are spring flowers, so you can buy irises with delivery at the end of winter or early spring.

Bouquet of callas – luxurious and elegant. From the beauty of callas it is impossible to look away: simplicity and elegance, united by nature in one flower, make it ideal for women's gifts. It's not for nothing that callas are considered a symbol of family and home, and therefore they should be bought by their beloved mothers and wives.

A bouquet of May-lily – spring and gentle. This primrose with a characteristic and bright sweetish trace of smell is known to every woman and every man. May-lily will be a wonderful gift to your beloved grandmothers, as well as a nice and small surprise on a date. These very delicate flowers are only a few weeks in spring, so hurry to buy them and please your beloved in the season.

Bouquet of lilies – strict and charming. Lily, the divine patroness of femininity and beauty, has several shades and in the composition is combined with any colors. Due to its delicate and fragrant smell, lily is highly appreciated as a gift for anniversaries, family celebrations and so on. Buy lilies can be almost all year round.

Bouquet of mimosa – feminine and warm. Mimosa, this beautiful queen of the floristic world, emphasizes warmth, family comfort and permanence. Therefore, the mimosa should be bought by members of its family, especially women, and close friends, with whom communication should be strengthened. Mimosa is brought to the feast on March 8, so that everyone can please their beloved women.

Bouquet of daffodils – extraordinary and special. Despite the legend, daffodils are symbols of love and sensuality. A gift from this flower will tell the recipient of the intention to take care of it and of the insane power of the feelings of the giver. Narcissus is a spring flower, which is on sale for only about a month.

Bouquet of orchids – modest and majestic. A variety of shapes and colors of orchids allows you to create with them a variety of compositions and bouquets. Wise and deeply symbolic, this flower fascinates with its beauty, and therefore is most often used in gifts for women. Buy orchids with delivery is most difficult in the summer, when this flower is not season. In the rest of the year you can enjoy your favorite bouquet of orchids.

Bouquet of pions – lush and luxurious. Peony, this honored king of the flower world, can only fall in love with himself in one form. Fluffy, large, delicate, it is perfect for romantic occasions, or for friendly gifts. It also looks great in the interior, especially in the bedrooms. Peonies appear in late spring, early summer. There are a couple of weeks. In the rest of the year, you can order imported peonies from Holland.

Bouquet of sunflowers – sunny and joyful. Sunflower, this little sun floristic world, looks great in a mono-bouquet or as an ornament for compositions. It fits perfectly into any interior, giving smiles and joy, as well as help express admiration and worship. Sunflowers please us in the summer, but you can purchase them at other times of the year by prior order.

Bouquet from Ranunculus – tremulous and magical. This fragile little flower has conquered the hearts of women for many years. The Ranunculus absorbed the features of such beautiful plants as a peony and a rose. Buy it should be like a wedding as a gift to the newlyweds, and for a date.

Bouquet of chamomiles – natural and clean. Favorite by many chamomile is multifunctional: it is used both in mono-bouquets, and as decoration in other compositions. Her natural meadow charm helps to emphasize youth, and therefore most often a bouquet of chamomile presents young girls on dates. Buy a bouquet of real garden camomiles with delivery can only be in the summer, during the flowering of chamomiles. During the rest of the year chamomiles are replaced with chamomile chrysanthemums.

Bouquet of strelitzia – strong and domineering. Strelitzia, this exotic bird in the world of floristry, is a man's flower, because it means dedication and courage. Because of its bright buds are composed of men's gifts, which are usually given on February 23 or anniversaries. Strelitzia is rarely available in flower shops. They are brought to order, because the flower is very expensive.

Bouquet of tulips – gentle and sensual. Tulips are spring flowers, the appearance of which is waiting for tens of thousands of women across the country. Trembling and affectionate, it is this flower that best conveys love and care for a beloved woman on such a bright holiday as March 8th. Tulips are a symbol of spring. Buy a bouquet of tulips for your beloved, of course it's best in the spring for an international women's day. A woman at any age will be pleased with a bouquet with tulips.

Bouquet from freesia – affectionate and caring. A beautiful and enchanting flower that evokes a sensual smile and embarrassment is freesia. Trust and care - this is its main significance, and therefore it is not for nothing that this plant is considered an ideal gift for family members, relatives and relatives.

Bouquet of chrysanthemum – soft and beautiful. It is only necessary to look at the fluffy buds of this flower - and immediately it becomes warmer on the heart and easier on the soul. Chrysanthemums are the brightest symbol of happiness and grace, and therefore most often they are bought by colleagues and business partners. Chrysanthemum can be bought all year round.

Bouquet from eustomes – sensitive and touching. Lizianthus appears before us in all its beauty, pure and innocent, like the first snow. An unusual form of bud makes eustoma an excellent gift for people of original and creative, living in heart and soul, and also for sensitive and affectionate women. The eustoms appear in the middle of summer and there are several months. In the rest of the year you can order an imported eustoma.

Among all the floral splendor, you can always find that particular flower that will sink into your soul, and from which you can not tear your eyes. And it is such bouquets of flowers that are always in our store with delivery to the right address!

Flowers delivery in Ukraine: quickly, reliably and efficiently

We are an online flower shop that has more than 10 years experience in the service sector. In spite of this, we continue to develop rapidly, in order to keep up with the needs of our customers and satisfy them better than others. This can always be read on our website, as well as read customer reviews.

Our reputation in the Ukrainian market is extremely high, because:

  1. We provide 100% quality guarantee for the flowers from which we make bouquets, as well as for delivery. Our florists use in their work only fresh flowers from the best suppliers;
  2. Our delivery service for more than 10 years is very reliable and efficient. We carry out free delivery in major cities of Ukraine, as well as are able to bring a bouquet to any small village;
  3. We always have very democratic prices, pleasant actions and savings discounts for subsequent purchases of bouquets.

To buy flowers from us is simple and profitable. It's enough to order a bouquet - and our managers will help you in everything else, providing happiness and joy to every buyer! And our couriers will deliver your bouquet of flowers to the right address!

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