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Flower delivery in Kiev and Ukraine with DeFlor

The best gift has always been and will be a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Buying flowers is not such an easy task as it seems at first glance. Especially if you want to place an order over the Internet for the flowers you like. You can buy them today almost everywhere, but for those who wish to purchase quality and original gifts with delivery, we have been providing our services since the distant 2008, for the past 10 years, delighting our customers.

Reliable online flower shop with delivery: our experience and advantages

Our company provides the most necessary gift in the world - flowers. Buying an online bouquet with us means trusting a reliable store with a long history.

Our flower shop - DeFlor, has such advantages:

  • Real professionals work for us: experienced florists who provide a 100% guarantee of the quality of flowers and the quality of their work;
  • Due to the fact that we only work with trusted suppliers of floral products, we always have only fresh flowers. Therefore, you can not worry about the freshness and quality of the composition, because it will always be excellent;
  • We have nice prices. We have been selling and delivering flowers since 2008. Therefore, the order of flowers with us is available to everyone. Here you can also find flowers at a discount during promotions or get your personal cumulative discount on future purchases;
  • We have flower delivery throughout Ukraine. Our delivery service works quickly and efficiently, delivering gifts to any corner of Ukraine. We also provide free delivery in major cities of Ukraine.

Ordering flowers in Ukraine with DeFlor has become much easier with our flower delivery service. We want each client to be confident in their investments, and therefore you can familiarize yourself with the reviews of our customers or see photos of our already delivered bouquets.

Delivery of bouquets in any city of Ukraine with DeFlor: convenience and ease

Our online flower shop provides you with a unique opportunity to send flowers to another city in Ukraine with delivery. The order takes place quickly and efficiently, in just a few minutes using mail, instant messenger or online chat on the site. We try very hard to provide prompt answers to all your questions and to assist in choosing a bouquet.

With DeFlor you can order a bouquet of flowers with delivery in Ukraine from anywhere in the world. You can buy flowers to your taste or trust our experienced florists who will arrange it in the best possible way. Due to this possibility, the distance is no longer an obstacle, because you can always rely on our flower and gift delivery service. We also accept any currency for payment: hryvnias, rubles, dollars and euros, which are indicated on the flower shop website.

You can order flowers to your beloved and send them with delivery, being in a completely different city or country. Flower delivery is carried out in several working hours, depending on the complexity of the composition and the city of delivery. Also, with the help of such a service, you can make a wonderful birthday present by sending flowers to another city.

The most important plus is that flower delivery is available around the clock, subject to placing an order in advance. Also, if you ordered exotic flowers long before the delivery date, we can order to bring the necessary exotic plants for him.

The advantages of ordering flowers with delivery in Ukraine

Flower delivery in Ukraine is a great way to save time, your own money, as well as nerves and much more. After all, flowers for every taste are offered to your attention, which you can choose without leaving your home. In addition, you can buy flowers online with DeFlor absolutely inexpensively, but at the same time choose the most beautiful and original present, which can not be found equal.

We guarantee you the benefits of courier flower delivery:

  • Cost: ordering flowers online is always cheaper than buying in a regular salon. We always have pleasant prices, and you can also pay by credit card and not leave home;
  • Efficiency: our flower delivery service always delivers orders on time, at the exact specified time, and therefore you can be calm and confident that the flowers will definitely come;
  • Quality: a bouquet of flowers with delivery is always better than the one sold in ordinary stores. After all, it is composed by the best florists who adhere to strict rules in work.

We offer you a special service that will make your life easier and more enjoyable, as well as with the help of which you can pleasantly surprise and please loved ones. We do our best to make the purchase of flowers bring joy and happiness, and this is made possible thanks to the home flower-ordering service.

Our network of flower shops throughout Ukraine impoverishes more than 100 flower shops. DeFlor is a flower delivery company that has been operating since 2008. Our online flower shop is open for you 24 hours a day.

In our flower salon, flowers are sold with delivery to any village in Ukraine. You can order flowers on the Internet and the price on the website is available for you in three currencies. You can see the price of flowers in a currency convenient for you.

Our color catalog: what we offer customers

On our site you can find various bouquets of flowers. We strive to ensure that our buyer can find and buy what he likes. Therefore, in our flower shop the catalog is constantly updated due to fashion trends or seasons.

We always have only fresh flowers in stock! We also have a very large catalog bouquets of roses with delivery in Ukraine. In it you will find Ukrainian roses , imported roses , bouquets of roses of various colors and varieties, can buy roses by the piece and much more.

In our store DeFlor you can order a bouquet of 101 roses for your beloved, or buy roses from faraway Ecuador. Delivery of roses is carried out with the utmost accuracy and thoroughness to any specified address, be it a house, hospital or office.

For large originals we created flower baskets . You can also buy a bouquet of flowers to order from us: our florists are ready to fulfill any of your requirements or whims at any time.

If you want to pleasantly surprise loved ones - order bouquet with delivery in our store with home delivery. This can be done even anonymously, if you wish, or on the contrary we will add a postcard to the bouquet with your words, so that such a surprise will become your business card!

Deliver flowers to Ukraine is no longer a problem! And if you want - we will take a photo with the recipient, which will then show off in your smartphone as a pleasant reminder of the purchase.


Идеальный подарок для любителей комнатных растений, как моя бабуля ))))

Не магазин, а сокровище. Всем рекомендую, не пожалеете. Столько раз заказывал, и столько же еще буду. Любимая жена, дочка и мама попробовали почти уже все корзинки, увидели почти все цветы, но спасибо вам добавляете новинки. Как всегда, на крутейшем уровне обслуживание и качество J

Очень понравился подход менеджера к клиенту. Ответили на все 100 тыс моих вопросов. Спасибо за помощь в оформлении и оплате заказа. Буду делиться с друзьями и рекомендовать ваш магазин.

Вы помогли решить вопрос с поздравлением. Спасибо! Очень понравилась обслуживание и свежесть цветов. В букете они смотрелись великолепно. Хорошо, что можно было добавить и коробку конфет.

Брал букет роз в количестве 51 штуки, просил прислать фото букета. На нем было четко видно, что каждый бутон свежий и яркий, будто цветы только что были срезаны. Суперово J

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Покупал два букета на 8 марта – маме и девушке. Беспокоился, чтобы не перепутали адреса, указал несколько раз, что и куда доставить. Курьеры молодцы, выполнили все на отлично!