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11 multicolored chrysanthemums

1523 UAH

5 roses, 5 alstroemerias and 3 chrysanthemums

1537 UAH

15 multicolored alstroemerias

1701 UAH

21 multicolored gerberas

1756 UAH

25 multicolored gerberas

1825 UAH

15 multicolored chrysanthemums

1826 UAH

3 roses and 6 alstroemerias

1911 UAH

7 carnations and 6 chrysanthemums

1931 UAH

9 carnations and 8 chrysanthemums

1945 UAH

3 roses, 3 chrysanthemums and 5 alstroemerias

1950 UAH

9 chrysanthemums, 6 limonium

1971 UAH

3 roses, 5 alstroemerias and 1 chrysanthemums

1999 UAH

7 roses and 6 chrysanthemums

2013 UAH

35 multicolored gerberas

2041 UAH

21 multicolored alstroemerias

2049 UAH

2 gerberas, 6 roses, 5 chrysanthemums and 6 carnations

2064 UAH

3 gerberas, 4 roses and 6 orchids

2075 UAH

15 white and yellow chrysanthemums

2083 UAH

3 gerberas, 6 roses, lily and 5 carnations

2106 UAH

What could be better than a bouquet of flowers? That's right - just a beautifully arranged composition in the basket. Great popularity in our time has acquired a tendency not just to present bouquets of flowers, but to give incredibly beautiful baskets of different floral compositions. From such a gift, the recipient will surely receive a storm of delight and a lot of unforgettable impressions. For this to happen, it is necessary to take into account the tastes and preferences of the person to whom the flower basket is intended.

Often baskets are made from straw, bamboo, rattan, birch bark, pine and even come from metal wire. Flowers for the basket should be chosen based on its size. Undoubtedly, also the choice of colors depends on the sex of the person to whom the gift is intended, the reason for which it is given, and, of course, from the imagination of the originator.

Flowers baskets for every taste with delivery across Ukraine

Baskets with flowers can be varied: small, large or medium-sized. Their color scheme can also be chosen individually - from gentle pastel tones to bold bright ones. If the flower baskets are small, they will look great on the table, and large baskets can be installed on the floor.

Baskets are more, often decorated with roses, shrubbery, lilies or chrysanthemums. In small - place such expressive flowers as forget-me-nots, sunflowers. In the case when a basket of flowers as a gift is intended for a woman, then the flowers in the basket are better to choose different shades. The most popular are pink and white colors.

Flowers in the basket for men are preferable to choose red. Many people think about the fact, in what occasion can you offer a basket of flowers and who can give them? Such gifts are appropriate for housewarming, anniversaries, weddings, and they can also be donated to managers and business partners.

Baskets of flowers have a certain advantage over ordinary bouquets. In them, flowers last longer retain a wonderful appearance. In addition, they are easily forwarded to the addressee - they are very compact and do not require an additional vase. And if you do not forget to water the flowers, you can be sure that they will thank their freshness for a long time.

A basket of flowers for every taste is always available in our online store. We will deliver the color basket you like to any place in Ukraine. Your gift will be delivered to the addressee on time and will please it with its sophistication.

In our online store, which has more than 10 years of experience behind your shoulders, you are always welcome to see. Having so much experience, we are proud of every happy recipient, because with each client our reputation only grows even more. With customer feedback from our store, who have already tried our service, you can see the section on the site.

Why customers choose exactly our flower delivery service?

Because we are 100% quality guarantee of each collected basket. After all, fresh flowers are exclusively the hands of experienced florists and masters of their craft.

We are a fast delivery service throughout the country. Which also performs free delivery in major cities of Ukraine. Our courier is always smiling and courteous, already by his own appearance bringing joy and giving smiles.

We are democratic prices, various promotions and discounts for regular customers. Thanks to this approach, most of our customers buy not only bouquets, but also allow themselves to choose an additional gift to it: toys, sweets and more.

We are reliability, quality and love for our work, which works without interruption!

Do not waste time - choose a basket of flowers right now and give bright emotions to your loved ones!

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