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Kinder in the box


Delicious gift to a child

1035 UAH

Gift box with kinder chocolate

1039 UAH

12 Kinder and Teddy Bear

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Gift to the boy on his birthday

2432 UAH

An original gift for a child

2504 UAH

Kinder in the box is a unique chocolate gift for real sweet tooth. This original gift will become a real find in case you do not know what to give. Eggs Kindera cause a lot of joy with their recipients, and it does not matter who is given them.

Buy an egg Kinder in a box for a gift - a wonderful way to bring children's happiness in any celebration!

Who will go for a gift kinder in the box?

You have already bought flowers, but want to decorate them with something else? Then take a look at the Kinder Surprise box. You can buy it at any time of the year, as well as absolutely every recipient: both an adult and a child.

Of course, to buy Kinder Surprise is, above all, the child on his birthday. Delicious sweets will cause him genuine delight and joy. Do you want to be a true romantic and original? Give Kinder Surprise in a box to your beloved girl on March 8th. It is proved that the chocolate gift to the girl improves not only her mood, but her attitude towards you!

Order box with kinder: efficiency and quality of delivery

If you want all the best, fresh and bright - then you are at the right address!

Why Buy a Kinder Surprise in our box:

  • We provide 100% quality assurance of goods;
  • We can pay for any currency that is convenient for you;
  • Our courier service works without a weekend, and the courier will deliver the order at the exact time;
  • We can take a picture of the recipient in memory of this important moment.

Would you like to make an even more vivid gift? We can deliver an anonymous box of sweets by attaching a free postcard to it, thereby creating an unforgettable surprise!

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