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Flowers and sweets


Box of hearts with macaroons

661 UAH

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Macaroons and flowers in the heart

711 UAH

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Heart with macarons

778 UAH

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Miniature box with macarons

801 UAH

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Small box of flowers with macaroons

806 UAH

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A small composition with macarons

812 UAH

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5 roses and Raffaello

814 UAH

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Heart with macaroons

868 UAH

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A pretty little heart with macarons

879 UAH

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A cool box with macarons

941 UAH

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Nice composition with macarons

946 UAH

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Colorful box with macarons

974 UAH

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11 roses and Raffaello

974 UAH

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Romantic box with macaroons

1019 UAH

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Mini box with flowers

1022 UAH

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Class composition with macarons

1025 UAH

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Small box with macarons

1070 UAH

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Author box with macarons

1073 UAH

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Heart with orchids and macarons

1086 UAH

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Bright square box with macarons

1114 UAH

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Funny composition with macarons

1126 UAH

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Bright heart with macarons

1131 UAH

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Lovely box with macarons

1137 UAH

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Amazing composition with macarons

1170 UAH

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Heart of roses and macaroons

1187 UAH

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Box with macaroons for a girl

1198 UAH

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Contrasting heart with macarons

1215 UAH

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Marvelous composition with macarons

1217 UAH

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A lovely box with macaroons

1221 UAH

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9 red roses and macarons

1226 UAH

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A small gift with macarons

1305 UAH

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White flowers and bright macarons

1333 UAH

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Charming composition with macarons

1355 UAH

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Original box with macarons

1361 UAH

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Elegant box with macarons

1366 UAH

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5 roses, teddy bear and Raffaello

1372 UAH

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Bright composition with macarons

1394 UAH

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Delicate flowers and Raffaello

1432 UAH

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Kinders and roses

1435 UAH

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15 alstroemerias and Ferrero Rocher

1495 UAH

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Bright heart with macarons

1501 UAH

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An unusual box with macarons

1540 UAH

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5 spray roses, 4 chrysanthemums and macarons

1546 UAH

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red roses and macarons

1551 UAH

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Romantic box with macarons

1585 UAH

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Box with macarons in pastel colors

1624 UAH

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An exquisite composition of flowers and macaroons

1624 UAH

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An unusual heart with macarons

1630 UAH

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Flowers and sweets are an original combination that can conquer the heart of an esthete and sweet tooth. We all know that flowers and sweet are two kinds of gift that do not become obsolete ever. They can be given as a holiday, and without any special reason, as a sign of attention or an attempt to draw it to yourself. Lovers of sweet probably appreciate a box of delicious chocolates, cake or juicy cakes, which are complemented by lush and fresh colors. Bouquets of flowers and sweets are useful to you, if the holiday caught you unawares, and ideas, what to give, you do not have.

The beauty of such a gift is that you can buy flowers and sweets any day, time and month outside the window. The timeless fashion for such presents only spurs their popularity, and therefore to buy flowers with sweets with home delivery is the best choice today for those who want to create a pleasant moment for the recipient.

Bouquet with sweets: our tips for gift application

Similar compositions and combinations in our store are great, and they are all collected by professionals. Each shade of the bud or flower sort was carefully thought out and matched to the general style of the gift, the color of the sweets and the purpose of the bouquet.

Who is best to present such a present:

  1. Favorite girl or wife: the best is a bouquet of flowers with sweets, which include elite sweets. Romantic and tasty, this gift will cause a lot of positive emotions in the recipient;
  2. Mothers: The classic version in the form of a basket of sweets and flowers is best suited for such purposes. It will be especially nice if your mother is a big lover of sweet;
  3. Sister: flowers and Raffaello - the best gift for young girls. To order a bouquet and a box of Rafaello means to present exactly what a young and romantic heart desires;
  4. The bosses: the bosses are best to buy flowers in a box with macaroons, but the man's boss is a bouquet and a cake with a delivery.

To buy flowers with sweets for a gift is to purchase a beautifully designed and thoughtful surprise that not only looks beautiful, but can be tried. Such a pleasant surprise has no limitations and can be presented to any celebration and holiday. For example, you can make your favorite original gift - order her flowers with sweets on March 8. Such an unusual birthday greeting in the form of flowers and sweets will be appreciated even by your strict father!

To the same recipients who love the classics, give roses and sweets - a smart present that can not only bring a smile, but also become the brightest on the holiday. Remember that buying flowers and sweets is always a good idea, both as a basic gift, and as a supplement to something especially important. Special pleasure of sweets will be delivered to children.

Buying bouquet and sweets with delivery by courier is a great way to surprise and impress

Our floristic online salon offers its services to every Ukrainian and foreigner. Having more than 10 years of experience behind our shoulders, we use only fresh flowers in our work, thanks to this, each of our products has a 100% quality guarantee. In addition, we cooperate with proven and best suppliers of floral products throughout the country!

In our store you can find many ways to pay for an order: by money order, through electronic wallet and others. Also, payment is available in several major currencies, in addition to the hryvnia: dollars, euros and rubles.

Our flower delivery service is deservedly considered the most operational and quality. This is evidenced by the positive feedback and photo deliveries, which were carried out by our professional couriers. Everyone who orders from us can count on the timely delivery of a gift, thanks to which more than 40,000 surprises and romantic moments have been created. We also provide free shipping in major cities, greatly facilitating purchases.

Special attention deserves our actions and discounts, which absolutely every client can get! And for those who want to make the holiday really bright and memorable, you can add a soft toy, balloons or cake to a bouquet or a composition.