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31 white rose

3330 UAH
By size:medium
Height:50-60 cm.
Diameter:31-40 cm.
Product's components:31 white roses, packing
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31 white rose symbolizes not only the purity and elegance of these flowers. According to numerology, the number 31 means strong and faithful love. Therefore, it is appropriate to present a bouquet of 31 white roses to the newlyweds on their wedding day, right at the celebration, or hand it to their beloved daughter as a sign of their respect and deep family affection. A person who has received such a bouquet from you will be more than just impressed: you can see the happiness that flashes in his or her eyes and stays there for many days. A bouquet of 31 white roses is made in light wrapping paper. And our couriers know how to deliver flowers to you in the best condition and as soon as possible.
Дякуємо за доставку. Букет дуже сподобався. Ви найкращі!!!
В 30-летие сестры смогла ее поздравить даже на отдыхе. Доставка была в с.Новопетровка Бердянского р-на. И я, и сетричка очень довольны сервисом. Белые розы были очень красиво собраны. Спасибо!
Из Австрии до Украины не так и далеко, особенно если можно подарить цветы любимой! Спасибо, что делаете менее заметным расстояние между нами! Девушка пришла в восторг от букета, спасибо флористу из Запорожья!
Все что могу сказать – оперативно! Заказал букет, который через пару часов должен был быть уже у именинницы и в другом конце города. Не знаю, как эти ребята делают это – но букет был доставлен вовремя, даже без минутной задержки. За это вам отдельное спасибо!
Главное, что оформление занимает пару минут, и чтоб оплатить не надо бегать по банкам, ввел карту и вуа ля, все готово. Букет очень понравился моей Маришке, спасибо!
Нравится ваш ассортимент и его постоянное обновление. А так же дружелюбный коллектив, готовый всегда прийти на помощь.
ВАУ, это просто ВАУ)))) Доставка за два часа по городу да еще и в воскресенье – я такого не ожидал! Сюрприз так сюрприз получился для моей любимой супруги))
Заказывал за пару дней до торжества, просил привезти букет точно в срок, друзья женились, а потому очень волновался. Но когда увидел фото в ммс от друзей – очень обрадовался. Цветочки просто супер!!
Прекрасный, ответственный подход к выполнению и максимально упрощенная процедура заказа доставки – хороший вариант для таких чайников, как я)
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You can add a postcard to the bouquet?

When placing an order, for writing a text on a postcard there will be a special field, which is called "Add postcard with your text". There you will need to write the text that you want us to post on the postcard.

How can I pay for the order?

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Do you deliver flowers to small villages?
We deliver flowers all over Ukraine, even to the most remote villages.
How do I know if my order has already been delivered?
After the order is delivered to the specified email address, a letter will be sent to you.
Is anonymous delivery possible?
If, when placing an order, you do not specify the text on the card, the recipient does not know who ordered the flowers, since the couriers generally do not have any information about the customer.
I only know the girl's name and phone number - can you deliver her a bouquet?
The phone numbers of the recipient are enough for us to deliver the order - we will know the address of the recipient.
Do you make photo reports?
We can make a photo of the recipient with the bouquet, if he does not mind it. This service is not available in all cities.
Is it safe to pay by card?
Payment for the order by card does not take place on our website, but on the site of the payment system, which is protected by all necessary safety certificates.
All the products that are on the site are available?

We deliver to any city or village of Ukraine. The assortment of the store in each city can differ and sometimes, some colors / goods may not be available in a particular city. In such cases, a replacement will be performed, according to our The Policy of replacement.

What does each order status mean?

You can see detailed information about what designates each order status on this page.

How long will the flowers be fresh after delivery?

We can not give you any guarantees about how many flowers will remain fresh after delivery. Since this is affected by a lot of factors that we can no longer influence, after the delivery of the bouquet. It depends on which of the flowers you chose the bouquet, how they will care for the bouquet and in what conditions it will be after delivery.

It depends on that the bouquet will be put in how high the vase and how much water will be in the vase, at what temperature it will be, where it will stand, how often the water in the vase will change, how often the flower stems will be cut, etc.

We give you a 100% guarantee that we will deliver a bouquet of fresh flowers. It directly depends on us, but we can not give a guarantee on what does not depend on us. If you want the bouquet to stand longer, choose bouquets of their chrysanthemums or alstroemerias - these are persistent flowers, and the most not persistent flowers are roses. Consider this when choosing a bouquet.

Are the prices on the site relevant?
All prices on the site are up-to-date and are maintained in this condition.
Can I add some additional gift to the bouquet?

It all depends on the city in which you need delivery and on the gift you want to add. In most cities, you can add cake, sweets, soft toys or balloons to the bouquet. The ability to add some individual, your gift - check with the store managers. Most likely it is possible, but on condition that you place and pay for the order in advance.

Delivery to big cities of Ukraine is free (provided that there are flowers in the order).

Delivery to big cities of Ukraine from 9.00 to 18.00 (by local time in Kiev, Ukraine).

Delivery the order which does not include flowers (only sweets, cake, balls, soft toys, vases, etc.) - 150 UAH.

Delivery to other cities of Ukraine is paid.

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Shipping cost to Kyiv - 150 UAH The shipping price is not included in the cost of flowers.

We can deliver a bouquet to any city or village of Ukraine. If the village where you want to deliver the order is not in the list of cities - contact us and we will inform you the cost of delivery to the desired village.

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