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carnations in the box

1148 UAH

Cake from carnations

1229 UAH

7 gerberas in the box

1233 UAH

Smile of flowers

1266 UAH

Macaroons and flowers in the heart

1295 UAH

Small box with flowers

1324 UAH

chrysanthemums in the box

1385 UAH

Heart with macarons

1417 UAH

Cake from chrysanthemums

1432 UAH

Cake from chrysanthemums and carnations

1502 UAH

3 roses and Teddy Bear

1521 UAH

Author box with macarons

1534 UAH

Apples in flowers. Weight: 4.5-5 kg

1544 UAH

Heart with macaroons

1580 UAH

7 roses and Teddy Bear

1589 UAH

Amazing composition of chrysanthemums and macarons

1592 UAH

Bright square box with macarons

1593 UAH

Funny composition with macarons

1611 UAH

Bright heart with macarons

1618 UAH

Lovely box with macarons

1626 UAH

A gentle composition in a box

1645 UAH

carnations in the box

1651 UAH

Bright flowers in a box

1696 UAH

Heart of roses and macaroons

1698 UAH

Smile from flowers

1701 UAH

Smiley of flowers

1707 UAH

chrysanthemums and Teddy Bear

1713 UAH

Box with macaroons for a girl

1714 UAH

A gentle composition in a box

1719 UAH

Fruit with flowers. Weight: 2.5-3 kg

1735 UAH

Contrasting heart with macarons

1739 UAH

Marvelous composition with macarons

1742 UAH

A lovely box with macaroons

1747 UAH

9 red roses and macarons

1755 UAH

Cake from chrysanthemums

1756 UAH

Colorful box with macarons

1775 UAH

Class composition with macarons

1793 UAH

Basket with fruits and flowers. Weight: 2.5-3 kg

1797 UAH

Smiley from flowers

1826 UAH

Compositions from flowers - a special kind of gift, multifunctional and versatile. The scope of its application is wider than that of an ordinary bouquet, because all your desires and feelings can be embodied in it thanks to our skilful professionals.

Each person can choose a beautiful composition for a special occasion. Someone will like cute and fluffy toys from flowers, someone will be crazy about serious and strict roses in hat boxes, and someone will not be able to look away a small flower cake. All this magnificent flower variety is available to our customers on the pages of our website.

In the section "Flower Arrangements" you will find a lot of different gifts. This and the flowers in the box, flowers in the form of hearts, smileys from flowers, flower cakes and more.

It is here that you can buy the most unusual, beautiful, composed with the soul composition and do not worry about its transportation, ordering a gift with courier delivery directly to the recipient's home.

Composition of natural flowers on order: who will come in handy and in which case to give

In our store you will find a variety of different compositions for every taste and color, such that can make the heart beat more often, and those that cause an uncontrollable smile. And now we will talk in detail about each of them.

  • Flowers in a hat box
  • A box of flowers has long been the most popular gift in Ukraine. Small, compact, it became a symbol of love and tenderness, attention and care. A box of flowers can be made in a variety of ways, and can also be filled with different types and grades of flowers. Therefore, to buy flowers in a box is always a great idea, regardless of who the gift is meant for.

  • Macarons with flowers
  • Sweets take second place in popularity among gifts after flowers. Because our florists have worked hard to create an excellent surprise, collecting a box of flowers and macaroons. Flowers and macaroons in the box are perfectly matched to each other not only by the color scheme, but also by the meaning that you want to invest in the present. Buy flowers and macaroons - means to kill two birds with one stone, giving two bright gifts under the guise of one.

  • Flowers and sweets in a box
  • After the famous Macarons, the next in popularity are the usual sweets in the box. In the box of sweets can be cakes, sweets, chocolates and much more, everything that will appeal to the true lover of sweet. Buy a box of flowers and sweets, of course, is for the sake of fresh flower buds, surrounded by bright sweets, melting in the tongue.

  • Fruits and flowers
  • Flowers and fruit with delivery - another combination that never becomes obsolete. You can buy flowers with fruit without a reason, and in order to return a person joy to life and fighting spirit. With the help of such gifts, which are not only beautiful, but also useful, you can wish good luck and health, success and love. Especially you will be pleased with our delivery of a fruit basket with flowers, which will arrive in a few hours, handing a delicious gift directly to the recipient.

  • Heart of flowers
  • A romantic and incomparable gift. Buy flowers in the form of a heart is on Valentine's Day or personal anniversary in a relationship, giving a lush, bright and deliciously smelling heart. Order a heart of flowers with delivery - this is a great way to surprise your favorite woman in the early morning. After all, a loving heart - in itself is a gift, but because such compositions bear a huge, quivering and romantic meaning.

  • Inscriptions from flowers: numbers from flowers and flower letters
  • Such gifts are used to say something important or emphasize their feature. The most popular are flowers with the word "Thank you" and an inscription from flowers "Mama", which can surprise your beloved mother for the anniversary. Flowers with words with delivery will replace the missing opportunity to say something to your loved ones. Because buying an inscription with flowers is definitely the best idea possible.

  • Original toys of flowers
  • A bear of flowers is what will be the best birthday present for your children. To order a toy from flowers it is possible any form and the size, having made such which precisely it is pleasant to the kid. To make such a gift, flowers are used with lush, bright and fluffy buds, which best imitate the softness of the fur of a plush friend. Because such songs and want to touch, and because they like children so much.

  • Flower smileys
  • In the era of virtual communication, it's no surprise that many people want to buy a smiley from flowers as a gift. After all, he will give a good mood and will smile at the recipient with his own appearance. Because many choose flowers with a smile, which after presented to a beloved woman for birthdays and March 8. Smile is not only a textual, but also a floral way to bring a smile to your loved ones..

  • Cake of flowers
  • Beautiful, creative, fresh, what you need for the original gift. Lush and bright, this cake will be a decoration of the holiday, taking the place of honor at the festive table among sweets and ornaments. Buy a cake of flowers with delivery - means to present the brightest memory to colleagues at the corporate or close for the New Year.

Among such a huge assortment of different gifts, the best and most original was and still is the flower arrangement. You can buy it in any form and variation: as something completely original, and the usual floral arrangement of roses. The composition of roses is an ageless classic, thankful for the many couples and families that it has connected.

Order a composition of flowers is worth, if only because:

  1. This is an original way out of the current difficult situations, as well as an unusual option to congratulate loved ones;
  2. The original performance of each composition makes them unusual and desirable, because they are worked by experienced florists who are always ready to fulfill any of your whims;
  3. With the help of such a gift, you can not only surprise and bring joy, but also give unforgettable emotions that will remain in your memory for many years to come!

You can buy a composition with flowers for every person: as an adult and serious, and just a child. Its charm is that it can be presented as a serious intention for loved ones, and as a creative and playful surprise for the boss.

Buy a composition of flowers with delivery: an original gift for all occasions

We are an online store that has more than 10 years of experience in the flower field. During this time, our delivery service managed to win the hearts of tens of thousands of Ukrainians as the fastest and most reliable. Our bouquet delivery service works at any time, providing timely delivery both in the early morning and at night. We also arrange free delivery in major cities of Ukraine, which will greatly simplify your purchases and make them more pleasant and economical.

We are 100% guarantee of quality of each created bouquet or composition. Everyone can make sure of this by going to the necessary section and reading the feedback about our work, as well as having familiarized with the photos of the delivered deliveries.

We are a friendly team, always ready to help you. You can easily place an order with us in any convenient way: by mail, call, online form or any messenger. In case you have any questions, our managers are always glad to support you in online chat, in a few minutes helping to sort out the order and choose a bouquet.

We are simplicity and reliability. We have many methods of payment, from bank transfer to Webmoney and Yandex.Money purses. Thanks to this, even foreign customers buy us, paying in a currency convenient for them.

We are an opportunity to create an original and nothing like a gift. We can always add a gift to the order of your choice: sweets, postcards, balloons and much more. Now, to buy the most beautiful gift, you do not need to beat the thresholds of many stores. It is enough to visit our site and choose what interests you, making your own, flower-sweet gift.

We are pleasant moments and joys. At us you will find various actions which will allow to buy the necessary bouquet at discount prices. For regular customers, there is also a flexible system of cumulative discounts, through which each purchase becomes more affordable and cheaper.

We are always glad to see you on the pages of our online resource. We are looking forward to your order, which is guaranteed to make the life of your family and friends more full, bright and happy!

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