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Heart of flowers


Heart of roses and chrysanthemums

1351 UAH

15 multi-colored roses in the heart

1449 UAH

Heart of roses, carnations, chrysanthemums

1570 UAH

17 white roses in the heart

1630 UAH

Composition of 17 roses

2123 UAH

Composition of 25 roses

2473 UAH

Heart of roses and chrysanthemums

2582 UAH

Heart of roses and orchids

2587 UAH

Composition of 19 roses

2594 UAH

Heart of roses and chrysanthemums

3191 UAH

Composition of 2 orchids and 33 roses

3194 UAH

Composition of 3 orchids and 38 roses

3197 UAH

37 pink roses in the composition

3200 UAH

Composition of 35 roses

3200 UAH

Heart of 25 white roses

3594 UAH

Heart of roses and chrysanthemums

3613 UAH

Composition of 55 roses

4651 UAH

51 pink roses in the shape of heart

4672 UAH

Composition heart from 55 roses

4686 UAH

Composition of 15 pink roses

6717 UAH

Composition of 101 roses

8525 UAH

Composition of flowers - the heart is a romantic gesture of attention, which day by day conquers people around. Originally made, they are made of a variety of colors, which are carefully selected for this kind of gifts by experienced craftsmen. Only the best buds of the best will be selected in the composition, which after will become a true decoration of any holiday or celebration.

Roses in the form of a heart with delivery - a special way to say "I love you" in a completely new way, so that it will be remembered forever and that warm memories remain deep in the soul of the recipient!

Composition in the form of heart: an alternative to a bouquet of flowers

Flowers in the form of heart - the brightest and colorful gift, which won first place among the presents for loved and desired people. And it is not surprising, because the heart is a symbol of love and attention, and therefore the composition in the form of a heart of flowers is filled to the brim with love and adoration.

Flowers are spread on the heart in a special floristic sponge, which absorbs moisture well, and therefore such a gift is able to please its appearance for many weeks and does not need special care. Because to buy flowers in the form of the heart means to present to your loved one a living reminder of your feelings, the smell of which will impress and rejoice every minute.

In our store there is a huge assortment of such compositions, among which you can find: 101 roses in the shape of heart, a heart made of white or red roses and much more. Each such gift is symbolic in its own way and charming and guaranteed to please even the most demanding recipients.

Why you should buy a flower heart:

  1. Not only bouquets are symbols of love and care. Flowers in the heart are better than other gifts will tell you about your warm and sincere feelings, and also will be a very romantic reminder of you;
  2. Roses in the form of the heart are love and tenderness, created by experienced florists. The best and only fresh flowers are collected in this composition to produce a sensation;
  3. Having bought a heart from flowers, you will show your love and affection, everything, even the deepest feelings, full of sincerity and adoration towards the recipient.

Composition in the form of a heart is a gift that should be presented to a loved one at least once in a lifetime. 101 a heart rose will be an original gift for your mother's birthday, decorating not only the festive table, but also her own. Flowers in the form of the heart, of course, will be an excellent gift for your beloved girl on March 8 or the coming February 14. Present your favorite heart with roses if you want to capture your love for her in beautiful, luxurious buds.

Buy with delivery a heart of flowers - is to force the heart in the chest of a loved one to fight more often, in a loving and hot rhythm!

Order flower arrangement: courier delivery to the house

Our store provides a 100% guarantee of quality of all our colors and compositions, so you can always get the best and quality present. In addition, we have more than 10 years of experience behind our shoulders, as evidenced by the large number of reviews and photo deliveries.

Our flower delivery service works without days off, carrying out free delivery in large cities of Ukraine. The courier will bring the flowers ordered by you in a matter of hours, thanks to which you can always arrange a bright and unforgettable surprise. Also we can add a gift to the composition: a postcard, a toy or sweets at your discretion, so that the gift seemed even better and brighter. But the greatest joy for our clients is the shares that we often hold. Thanks to this you can always buy a bouquet cheaper than expected, while being firmly convinced of its quality!

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