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Green plants


Phalaenopsis orchid yellow 2 branches

850 UAH

Dollar tree (Zamioculcas)

999 UAH

Female happiness flower

1062 UAH

Poinsettia, Cyclamen, Dieffenbachia

1709 UAH

Woman's happiness, spray roses, Kalanchoe

1710 UAH

Azalea, Cyclamen, Violet, Dieffenbachia

1852 UAH

Woman's happiness, spray roses, Kalanchoe, Fittonia

2107 UAH

Kalatea, Poinsettia, Ivy, Fittonia

2280 UAH

chrysanthemums, spray roses, Ivy, Campanula

2339 UAH

Kalanchoe, Dracaena, Gerbera, Ivy

2499 UAH

Kalatea, Fittonia, Dieffenbachia, Woman's happiness

2696 UAH

Female happiness (Spathiphyllum), Kalanchoe, Fittonia, Dracaena

2698 UAH

Woman's happiness, Dracaena, Orchid 1 branch, Palm

2706 UAH

Shiftler, Dieffenbachia, Kalanchoe, Palm, Ficus

2813 UAH

Dracaena, Spathiphyllum, Ivy, spray roses, Azalea, Cyclamen

2818 UAH
Dieffenbachia, Croton, Ivy, Gerbera, Fittonia
2834 UAH

Woman's happiness, Kalanchoe, Azalea, Begonia, Violet

2931 UAH

If you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend's mom, new neighbors or friends, but you do not know much about the tastes and preferences of the owners, then the best option is room flowers in beautiful pots. For any woman, indoor flower will be a real surprise that will decorate the interior of her house. Particularly pleasant gift will be in the cold season, when in each leaf and petal as if the summer sun.

Which flower to choose, to deliver the joy and warmth of attention? Let's figure it out together..

If flowers are intended for the owners of a spacious apartment, you can safely give interior flowers. Such a gift will be appropriate for a housewarming party, for people who are fond of design, and also such a present will be able to decorate any office. He will emphasize the harmony of housing and the taste of the mistress. If you like a compact floral gift, then choose small, but bright plants. They will be delighted by people who like to decorate their homes with interesting things. For exquisite interiors boldly choose an extravagant indoor flower.

In most cases, a flowering indoor plant is selected for the presentation. Here you have two options: buy a plant already blooming or give the opportunity to the owners themselves to grow and bring to the moment of flowering a room miracle. Here the decision is yours. Decorative flowering compositions will decorate both a one-room apartment and a country house.

But not all indoor flowers are suitable as a gift. Such varieties as palms, ivy, and lianas should not be chosen as a presentation. According to the popular belief, such flowers can bring troubles and quarrels into the house. Even if you are skeptical of the beliefs, it is better not to give floral plants that have a dubious reputation among the people, but then suddenly your birthday boy believes in mysterious flower magic and will not be able to fully enjoy the green gift. If the choice of a flower is over, and you are sure of your flower surprise, the main thing is to deliver it neatly to new owners. You can order delivery by courier to the right address.

If you need a classic floral gift, say a wedding, Christmas or anniversary, presentable indoor flowers will be appropriate for any holiday. Only it is necessary to take responsibility responsibly to the choice of flower pots, so that they correspond to the situation. A wooden pot will suit a wooden wedding, and a flower gift for a porcelain wedding will look great in a porcelain pot, for a golden or silver jubilee, give flowers in pots decorated accordingly with golden or silver elements. How does the theme look Christmas for Christmas, and the Easter Cactus as a gift for Easter.

Which room flowers are better to give will tell you the heart or professional consultants of flower shops.

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