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Flowers with Macarons


Box of hearts with macaroons

661 UAH

Macaroons and flowers in the heart

711 UAH

Miniature box with macarons

801 UAH

Small box of flowers with macaroons

806 UAH

A small composition with macarons

812 UAH

Amazing composition of chrysanthemums and macarons

874 UAH

A pretty little heart with macarons

879 UAH

Romantic box with macaroons

1019 UAH

Class composition with macarons

1025 UAH

Heart with orchids and macarons

1086 UAH

Bright square box with macarons

1114 UAH

Funny composition with macarons

1126 UAH

Bright heart with macarons

1131 UAH

Amazing composition with macarons

1170 UAH

Box with macaroons for a girl

1198 UAH

Contrasting heart with macarons

1215 UAH

Marvelous composition with macarons

1217 UAH

A lovely box with macaroons

1221 UAH

9 red roses and macarons

1226 UAH

White flowers and bright macarons

1333 UAH

Composition of chrysanthemums and macarons

1350 UAH

Charming composition with macarons

1355 UAH

Original box with macarons

1361 UAH

Bright composition with macarons

1394 UAH

Bright heart with macarons

1501 UAH

An unusual box with macarons

1540 UAH

5 spray roses, 4 chrysanthemums and macarons

1546 UAH

Romantic box with macarons

1585 UAH

Box with macarons in pastel colors

1624 UAH

An exquisite composition of flowers and macaroons

1624 UAH

An unusual heart with macarons

1630 UAH

Gentle box with macarons

1669 UAH

15 white roses, macarons and raffaello

1767 UAH

A box of flowers and Macarons is a bright gift, sparkling with originality and creativity. Flowers in a box with makarons - is a gift for those who love, joy and happiness puts above any other needs. For romantics and just sincere personalities who wish to be remembered for a long time and leave an indelible mark in someone's soul. Buy flowers and Macarons with delivery - the best way to impress native people!

Flowers with Macarons: history and value of a gift

We all know that flowers and Macarons in the box are a trend of the last few years not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. But very few people know where the idea came from creating a box with pasta and flowers.

Macarons is the world famous French sweetness, created from the most delicate proteins and ground almonds. It is known that by their appearance they are obliged to the notorious Catherine de 'Medici, whose cooks invented this melting product on the tip of the tongue. Very soon they became a cult, a symbol of worship..

A lot of famous people admit to them in love, not one celebration in the world passes without these sweets. So one day, the florists came up with the idea to place these sweet things in beautiful boxes, after adding the most delicate flowers to them. So the first boxes of flowers with Macarons appeared - gentle, airy, light and elegant, the object of women's desires of the whole world.

Live flowers with Macarons in a box - an excellent gift for fragile girls and women of any age. In our store you can find many different variations of such a gift: flowers and their color are selected specifically for the taste of the cake. Blueberry, vanilla, coffee, strawberry - all these sweets are available for purchase in a variety of floral variations. Macarons with flowers in a box is an excellent gift for friends at a wedding!

A small and round box of light colors will emphasize the importance of this day for them. Order makaruny in a box of flowers can also be for a girlfriend, presenting her with such an unusual surprise on a date. Also, flowers in a box with Macarons can be bought for the birthday of the daughter, very small or already adult. And for those who seem to have few sweets with flowers - we can add a gift: balls, toys, alcohol and more.

To buy flowers with Macarons with delivery by courier - a reliable way to congratulate relatives

We have more than 10 years of experience in the Ukrainian market. We provide our services to anyone who wants to use them, and we also do our best to make your purchases on the Internet cheaper, easier and safer. About this and many other things, including our actions and their relevance, you can read in the comments section after seeing the sincere words of those who have already tried our cooperation with us.

We can buy flowers and Macarons easily and reliably, because:

  1. Only experienced florists cooperate with us, who in their work use only fresh flowers from the best Ukrainian suppliers. Because our store provides a 100% quality guarantee for all of its products;
  2. We have many methods of payment, including money transfer, payment to an electronic wallet and much more. And for residents of abroad, payment is available in such currencies as the euro, dollars and rubles;
  3. Our delivery service consists of true professionals and craftsmen. We will deliver the order free of charge in any major city in a matter of hours after its registration!

Do you want to stand out? To buy such a gift, which has no equal? Which will eclipse all the rest on any holiday and settle in the chest of a person close to you a light and joy? Then you have come to the right place! Here you can order a box of flowers and Macarons for every taste and at absolutely democratic prices!

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