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19 multicolored tulips

1592 UAH

Bouquet of 14 tulips and 7 irises

1705 UAH

Bouquet of 16 tulips and 9 irises

1854 UAH

21 tulips different color

1970 UAH

23 colorful tulips

1974 UAH

25 red and white tulips

2069 UAH

25 yellow tulips

2069 UAH

15 yellow tulips

2087 UAH

25 multicolored tulips

2154 UAH

Bouquet of 18 tulips and 15 irises

2161 UAH

27 red and white tulips

2228 UAH

27 multicolored tulips

2231 UAH

19 tulips in the box

2283 UAH

Bouquet of 15 tulips and 20 irises

2302 UAH

21 tulips in the box

2381 UAH

29 multicolored tulips

2430 UAH

21 white and pink tulips

2513 UAH

23 tulips in the box

2516 UAH

17 tulips in the box

2526 UAH

A bouquet of tulips can bring not only joy and pleasure from its contemplation, but also to lodge warmth, restore faith in the best and beautiful. This sunny primrose is a true decoration, an unforgettable gift of nature. A huge bouquet of tulips is a kind of flower therapy that raises the mood, raises morale and causes a rapid heart rate, the rhythm of love.

So there is no gift for a loved one better than a bouquet of tulips. The price for it in our store is always acceptable, and the delivery is fast and reliable. So you can buy a bouquet of tulips at any convenient time for you, because we guarantee timely delivery directly to the recipient!

What does a bouquet of beautiful tulips mean?

Tulips are a deeply symbolic flower. In addition to its ancient and romantic history, which shows them as a symbol of unquenchable human love, they also change their meaning depending on the color scale. For example, pink tulips speak of platonic love, of young and "fresh" relationships. A bouquet of white tulips symbolizes the purity of the thoughts of the giver, his sincerity and attraction towards the recipient.

Yellow tulips - the brightest, are a symbol of happiness and joy, fun and friendliness. It is also believed that they bring good luck and financial well-being to one particular person, and the whole family. A bouquet with red tulips is a passion and delight, charm and an insane whirlpool of feelings. It is the flowers of red shades prefer romance and ardent lovers, full of feelings and emotions.

In our store you will find a large selection of bouquets, among which:

  • Tulips in a box: this special kind of gift is best suited to people original and unusual, as well as subtle, romantic natures. Each box and each bud of flowers are selected individually under the order of our experienced florists. And for the brightest and most creative, we can offer another option: a wicker basket with tulips;
  • A bouquet of multi-colored tulips: every single flower in this bouquet will carry its meaning, and therefore the florists will form it in such a color scheme that you need. We can offer cool and light shades, or saturated and passionate, for every taste;
  • Bouquet of 101 tulips: 101 flower - the number is symbolic. You do not even need to resort to numerology to understand that the person giving such a bouquet is insanely passionate and in love at the same time. Therefore, each flower will be carefully selected for this huge armful of the best masters of their craft.

Who can be impressed with a bouquet of tulips? The answer is simple: any person! These beautiful flowers are captivated at first sight and a sigh, and therefore have no restrictions in terms of celebrations and people who can be presented to them. Best of all, these spring flowers will fit into their traditional holiday - women's day. Bouquet on March 8 with delivery to your beloved girl or wife - this is the best gift that you can only buy.

Also our florists can make a beautiful bouquet from the tulips for your daughter's birthday, and you can add a gift to the bouquet in the form of sweets or a soft toy. To order a bouquet of tulips means to turn any, even the most usual day, into a real holiday!

Where to arrange delivery of flowers to the house with a 100% guarantee of quality?

We are the best service in Ukraine for delivery of flowers and good mood. In our store you can buy not only tulips, but also any other flowers, both seasonal or exotic. Our delivery service is famous for its speed and reliability, so that the bouquets come to the recipient at their best.

In addition, we provide free shipping in major cities, which will greatly enhance the convenience of your purchase. You can also take part in our promotions, or read customer testimonials, see a photo of deliveries made by our couriers before making an order. And when you decide - then our friendly managers will gladly consult and help you choose the right bouquet or the composition for the holiday. Delivery of flowers from our store is possible at any time, so you can present them as in the morning in your favorite bed, and wish them a good night.

Order a large bouquet of tulips and become one who will see how happiness flashes in the eyes of dear people today!

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