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Sweets basket


Basket with chocolate bars

1343 UAH

Basket with wine and flowers

1618 UAH

Champagne and Candy in the basket

1624 UAH

Tasty suits for a child

1929 UAH

A basket of wine and chocolate

2008 UAH

Original gift with chocolate

2049 UAH

Shopping cart for tea drinking

2049 UAH

Big basket of chocolate

2099 UAH

Basket with delicious chocolate

2101 UAH

Chocolate with champagne

2102 UAH

Basket of sweets with a toy

2284 UAH 2508 UAH You save: 224 UAH

Basket with wine and sweets

2285 UAH

Basket of chocolates and chocolate

2369 UAH

Delicious chocolate gift

2393 UAH

Fruits and champagne with sweets

2471 UAH

Sweet baskets are amazing and incomparable gifts. Chocolate or sweets do not just cheer up, but give a lot of positive emotions, warmth and awe from their unique taste. So order a basket of chocolate is the best choice that you can make in favor of lovers of sweet!

Who should buy a basket of sweets??

Among our unlimited range you can find such options for lovers of sweet:

  • Basket of sweets for children on New Year's Eve: it's a chic gift for little pranksters. The basket can be filled with a variety of sweets from their favorite candy manufacturers;
  • Basket of sweets with Kinder Birthday surprises: this is an original birthday gift that can surprise your loved one. Full of the most famous and favorite sweets - Kinder - she will bring her back to her childhood and give you moments of care and warmth;
  • A large basket of sweets for corporate parties: sweet tooth is even in the office environment and it's not a secret, and therefore presenting them with a sweet present is very much worth it for jubilees or business holidays.

But that's not all! There is no limit to the application of such a luxurious and bright presentation. You can buy a basket of sweets on any of the days, because for sweets there is no bad hikes or the wrong time of the year. If you want to surprise with a swing, buy a basket with chocolate bars of different companies. Looking for a more conservative gift? No problem! Order a gift basket with sweets and tea, and it will definitely turn the recipient's world.

Buy a gift for a sweet tooth: reliable and convenient service at your service

Having more than 10 years of experience behind the shoulders, we provide timely delivery and 100% quality guarantee of the goods. It is here that you can find many ways to pay for an order, as well as pleasant promotions with discounts.

Still in doubt, order online or not? Read reviews about our work and view the photo of deliveries, making sure of the complete and absolute happiness of our customers, who can become you.

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