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Roses in a long box


5 red roses

830 UAH

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7 red roses

940 UAH

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11 red roses

1112 UAH

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11 yellow roses

1128 UAH

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11 pink roses

1155 UAH

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13 yellow roses

1205 UAH

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15 red roses

1390 UAH

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15 white roses

1395 UAH

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19 red imported roses

1625 UAH

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9 red roses and Teddy Bear

1645 UAH

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21 white roses

1760 UAH

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21 red roses

1760 UAH

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13 red roses, Teddy Bear and candy

2030 UAH

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25 red roses

2115 UAH

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25 red roses

2115 UAH

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25 red imported roses

2760 UAH

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Roses in a long box are another kind of gift that will always be relevant. Beautiful and freshest roses are packed in a long box that looks very unusual and attractive. It is her form that recalls the old Hollywood films, full of romance, where such a gift was the most important and beautiful. So buy roses in a long box - a sign of good taste and hot love.

Roses with home delivery: nice and comfortable present

Our skilful florists select each flower and packing for each customer. In long boxes, you can place large-sized flowers on medium-length stems, or imported roses, for every taste. A variety of shapes and sizes makes this gift attractive and in demand at any time of year.

A bouquet of roses in a long box is:

  • Unusual and memorable for a long time gift;
  • Almost a gift from the movie, which can cause delight;
  • Romantic and cordial gesture filled with love and tenderness.

Such a gift is suitable for any holiday and for almost every recipient. So, roses in a long box will be an ornament for the New Year of your parents. Or they can be presented on the anniversary of a relationship with a beloved woman. Such an unusual, bright and pleasant present will be appreciated in any company!

In our store you can buy a box of flowers with delivery with 100% guarantee of the quality of the bouquet. Thanks to this you can be sure that the purchased bouquet will be delivered in the best possible way. In addition, you can order flowers at any convenient time!

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