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New Year's compositions


roses surrounded by fir branches

708 UAH

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An unusual basket of roses and alstroemerias

857 UAH

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The enchanting composition of roses and carnations

857 UAH

presence isn't stable


Exotic composition of roses and orchids

857 UAH

presence isn't stable


A brilliant composition of fir branches and toys

861 UAH

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Classical composition of carnations and roses

918 UAH

presence isn't stable


Solemn composition of gerberas, roses and chrysanthemums

941 UAH

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Classical composition of carnations and candles

954 UAH

presence isn't stable


Laconic composition of white roses

987 UAH

presence isn't stable


Space basket with a spruce

1027 UAH

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New Year's basket with roses and alstroemerias

1040 UAH

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Designer composition of gerberas and roses

1041 UAH

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Christmas basket of roses and toys

1069 UAH

presence isn't stable


A gentle composition with candles and roses

1072 UAH

presence isn't stable


Magnificent composition of carnations and chrysanthemums

1094 UAH

presence isn't stable


Christmas basket of roses and toys

1099 UAH

presence isn't stable


Christmas composition with candles

1128 UAH

presence isn't stable


Exclusive composition of orchids

1129 UAH

presence isn't stable


chrysanthemums and cognac in a stylish design

1130 UAH

presence isn't stable


carnations and chrysanthemums in flowerpots

1176 UAH

presence isn't stable


A wonderful mix of flowers with a candle

1176 UAH

presence isn't stable


Lovely bouquet in a vase

1176 UAH

presence isn't stable


Composition in the pot of carnations and roses

1179 UAH

presence isn't stable


The attractive composition of carnations and candles

1233 UAH

presence isn't stable


Unique composition of roses and alstroemerias

1248 UAH

presence isn't stable


Christmas basket of roses and carnations

1275 UAH

presence isn't stable


Bright composition of roses and toys

1276 UAH

presence isn't stable


Themed box with macarons

1279 UAH

presence isn't stable


Amazing basket of roses and orchids

1284 UAH

presence isn't stable


Original gift with champagne

1464 UAH

presence isn't stable


A colorful mix of carnations and chrysanthemums

1467 UAH

presence isn't stable


Snow-white New Year's bouquet in a vase

1468 UAH

presence isn't stable


Amazing box in red colors with spruce

1506 UAH

presence isn't stable


A fairy basket of gerberas, roses and carnations

1562 UAH

presence isn't stable


Fantastic composition in a vase

1565 UAH

presence isn't stable


Composition of carnations in the cup

1566 UAH

presence isn't stable


Composition with candles and apples

1607 UAH

presence isn't stable


A refined basket of roses, carnations and chrysanthemums

1744 UAH

presence isn't stable


Elegant Christmas box

1759 UAH

presence isn't stable


Elegant Christmas box

1759 UAH

presence isn't stable


A snow-white box with roses and eustoms

1760 UAH

presence isn't stable


A wonderful box with macarons and champagne

1853 UAH

presence isn't stable


Winter festive box with roses and macaroons

2326 UAH

presence isn't stable


Merry box with flowers and champagne

2655 UAH

presence isn't stable

New Year's compositions will help create a cozy atmosphere of warmth and trust, which we so often see in Christmas movies. The beauty and sensitivity of such a gift will make such a simple holiday more desirable and interesting for each member of the family.

New Year's composition on the table: our offers

The composition for the New Year is a gift that can create a warm, family and festive mood. With the help of such a presentation, you can not only surprise your loved ones suddenly, but also give them something special, for the heart and soul.

Composition for the New Year can have a different design, depending on your wishes. It can be decorated with New Year's toys, rain, with spruce branches and beautiful, decorative candles. The aroma of spruce, delicate and enchanting, proceeding from such a gift, will entice the recipient into the world of festivity and magical mood. But the composition, decorated with cones, can be put on the table or after hung out on a Christmas tree, thereby beautifully decorating it.

But the most popular and aesthetic appearance of its kind is the Christmas table composition with candles. It carries a certain secret meaning, and the light of beautiful candles will only make the situation at the table brighter and more romantic. Composition with candles will be an ideal gift for loved ones in honor of such a warm holiday.

Still do not know what to give to your relatives for the winter holidays, which come on your heels? Then pay attention to the New Year's composition in the basket - a beautiful and unusual present that will remain in your memory for a long time.

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Do you want to make an original gift for the New Year? Order from us one of the compositions, which will be the best gift you have ever made!

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