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New Year's bouquets


3 roses with a spruce

565 UAH

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Bouquet of roses and spruce

637 UAH

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Bouquet of 5 roses and New Year decor

676 UAH

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Bouquet of roses and orchids with spruce

724 UAH

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Bouquet of orchids with spruce

803 UAH

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Bouquet of gerberas, roses, toys and spruce

813 UAH

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Bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums with spruce

813 UAH

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Bouquet of 9 roses with spruce

853 UAH

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Bouquet of roses, Christmas balls and spruce

912 UAH

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Bouquet of roses and spruce

919 UAH

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Bouquet of roses and orchids for the New Year

919 UAH

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Bouquet of roses, toys and spruce

919 UAH

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Bouquet of spruce and Christmas balls

992 UAH

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Bouquet of roses and Christmas balls with spruce

999 UAH

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Bouquet of roses and spruce

1027 UAH

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Bouquet of roses, carnations and spruce

1063 UAH

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Bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums with spruce

1129 UAH

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13 roses with a spruce

1177 UAH

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Bouquet of 15 roses and spruce

1182 UAH

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Bouquet of lilies, roses and spruce

1188 UAH

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15 roses with Christmas toys

1189 UAH

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Bouquet of 15 roses with New Year decor

1195 UAH

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Bouquet of 15 roses with spruce

1225 UAH

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Bouquet of 15 roses with toys

1237 UAH

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Bright mix for the New Year

1330 UAH

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21 roses with a spruce

1708 UAH

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Bouquet of 25 roses with cones

2185 UAH

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Bouquet of 25 roses with spruce

2186 UAH

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Bouquet of roses and cones

2391 UAH

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New Year's bouquet is an amazing kind of gift that can conquer someone's heart. Extraordinary, special, it is imbued with a New Year's atmosphere and happiness. In addition, the relevance of flowers in the cold season significantly increases, because the beautiful, tender buds will bring that warmth, which is so lacking in the winter.

The most diverse, bright and modest, big and small, New Year's bouquets impress each recipient with their thoughtfulness and originality. Presenting such a gift, you speak without words about how important a person is to you, how much you admire him and how much you wish him success in the new year.

Than to surprise on New year?

Flowers for the New Year - the most unexpected and original gift that you can imagine. They will not only bring a great mood, but also give bright, unforgettable emotions and add floral freshness to the winter cold. On the festive table, there is sometimes a lack of a beautiful and special accent, and it is this that can create fresh flowers.

A bouquet for the New Year with spruce branches will decorate the festive table and add a persistent, coniferous aroma. Each bouquet has a festive decoration and comes in a thematic package. Also each of our gift has a special floral decoration: rain, New Year's toys and much more.

A New Year's bouquet of flowers with cones is a creative and stylish gift, which can be presented even to superiors at a corporate holiday. Especially for such occasions we give the opportunity to add a bottle of champagne to each bouquet in our shop, thereby making the holiday much more unforgettable.

Where to buy a bouquet for the New Year?

Our store has more than 10 years of experience in the field of services related to floristry. Our flower delivery service is deservedly considered to be the fastest and fastest in Ukraine. And our customers - the happiest and most satisfied among all.

Buy flowers with delivery from us - this is:

  1. Get 100% quality guarantee for flowers in each bouquet;
  2. To get a gift from professional florists of Ukraine;
  3. Have the opportunity to take part in promotions and get huge discounts!

Looking for an original gift for the New Year? Then you have addressed to the address, and we can easily create a New Year mood for you and your loved ones!

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