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New Year's Basket


Sunset and Vodka

987 UAH

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Basket with pineapple and coffee

1090 UAH

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A gorgeous fruit basket

1122 UAH

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Delicious fruit with Poinsettia

1170 UAH

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A nice basket of chocolate and champagne

1229 UAH

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Gift for a woman

1235 UAH

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Chocolate, champagne and spruce

1282 UAH

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A nice set with tangerines

1289 UAH

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Fruit and champagne basket

1329 UAH

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A sweet gift for a woman

1383 UAH

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Bright basket with Guzmania

1413 UAH

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Ornate fruit basket with flowers

1468 UAH

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Mandarins and roses in the basket

1468 UAH

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Delicious basket with grapes and rafaello

1506 UAH

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Candy, fruit and champagne

1562 UAH

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A set of foods with juice

1564 UAH

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New Year's set with fruits and sweets

1567 UAH

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A small gift basket

1569 UAH

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A small basket of liquor

1711 UAH

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Basket with grapes and wine

1759 UAH

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Elegant fruit basket

1854 UAH

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Mandarins, champagne and flowers

1864 UAH

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Chocolate Kinder Basket

1924 UAH

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Basket with sweets and coffee

1937 UAH

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Sweets and Poinsettia

1940 UAH

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Nice basket of sweets and champagne

1976 UAH

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Amazing basket with fruits and sweets

2040 UAH

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Amazing basket with fruits and sweets

2047 UAH

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Womens basket

2050 UAH

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Basket with sweets and Poinsettia

2052 UAH

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Sweet basket of sweets and wine

2056 UAH

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The sweetest basket for a woman

2057 UAH

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Delicious basket with sweets and champagne

2126 UAH

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Amazing basket with chocolate and champagne

2195 UAH

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Biscuits, Candy and champagne

2428 UAH

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Basket with pineapple and pomegranate

2507 UAH

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A basket of delicate chocolate

2807 UAH

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Elite champagne and chocolate

3035 UAH

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Elegant basket with pineapple

3121 UAH

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Basket with whiskey and caviar

3740 UAH

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New Year gift baskets are the most stylish, festive and original gift for a cold, winter and such an important day.

Basket for the New Year: what it is

A New Year's gift basket is a combination of all the best and most pleasant in this holiday. It conveys a festive mood better than any other gift. The magnificent, bright, beautiful New Year's basket is made out by the best masters of the business, and therefore gives bright and unforgettable emotions to its recipients.

In our store you will find such gift baskets:

  • New Year's basket with food: a food basket as a gift for the New Year is a way to avoid unnecessary waste and the need to run around the shops and stand in lines. This gift is practical and useful in everyday life;
  • Basket with sweets for the New Year: a nice gift for sweet tooth and those who appreciate sweets above other presents. Sweet filling in the basket can be completely different, depending on the preferences of the customers;
  • New Year's gift basket with fruits: will give a festive mood, because it contains juicy fruits that will make the cold, winter day brighter and sweeter!

A gift basket for the New Year will be useful to you both as a basic and an additional gift. In addition, with the help of such a presentation, you can feel like Santa Claus, who brings surprises and festive mood to the house.

Basket for the New Year can be completely different: its content and design can change. Inside it, there will always be delicacies that will prolong the joy and fun for several weeks. All of them are festively decorated: spruce branches decorated with branches, rain or Christmas balls. Cones and toys, which only strengthen the atmosphere of the holiday, you can later hang on a Christmas tree, as a reminder of a delicious gift. The aroma of spruce, coming from the basket, will only awaken the festive appetite!

Festive delivery of gifts to the specified addresses

Our store has more than 10 years of experience in the field of services in the Ukrainian market. We provide a 100% quality guarantee for all of our products, especially for food and fruit. Professional florists will gather a basket with soul and care, decorating it in a festive style. And our flower delivery service will bring it in a few hours to the specified address.

Our customers are the luckiest customers who have already tried our promotions and pleasant discounts. And you can become one of them by placing a gift order with delivery where you need from our couriers.

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