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11 irises

647 UAH

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Bouquet of 6 irises and 1 chrysanthemums

659 UAH

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Bouquet of 3 gerberas, 5 chrysanthemums and 5 irises

980 UAH

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Bouquet of 5 roses and 6 irises

1076 UAH

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21 irises

1144 UAH

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Bouquet of 11 tulips and 6 irises

1224 UAH

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25 irises

1229 UAH

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Bouquet of 7 irises and 8 chrysanthemums

1236 UAH

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Bouquet of 11 irises and 8 chrysanthemums

1332 UAH

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Bouquet of 14 tulips and 7 irises

1417 UAH

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Bouquet of 10 irises and 7 chrysanthemums

1429 UAH

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25 irises

1496 UAH

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Bouquet of 11 chrysanthemums and 10 irises

1559 UAH

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Bouquet of 16 tulips and 9 irises

1572 UAH

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Bouquet of 3 chrysanthemums, 8 irises

1663 UAH

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15 irises

1683 UAH

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35 irises

1754 UAH

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35 irises

1759 UAH

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29 irises

1824 UAH

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Bouquet of 18 tulips and 15 irises

2052 UAH

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Bouquet of 13 roses and 20 irises

2186 UAH

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Bouquet of 15 tulips and 20 irises

2187 UAH

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Bouquet of 15 roses and 18 irises

2270 UAH

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Bouquet of 11 tulips, 11 irises and 9 alstroemerias

2334 UAH

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Bouquet of 20 roses and 15 irises

2338 UAH

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Bouquet of 25 tulips and 12 irises

2648 UAH

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19 irises

2744 UAH

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Bouquet of 12 tulips and 7 irises

2979 UAH

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45 irises

3094 UAH

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55 irises

3095 UAH

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51 irises

3374 UAH

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Bouquet of 17 roses, 9 alstroemerias and 9 irises

3452 UAH

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Bouquet of 5 gerberas, 9 chrysanthemums, 7 alstroemerias, 15 irises and 15 roses

3647 UAH

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55 tulips and 16 irises

4209 UAH

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101 irises

4456 UAH

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Bouquet of 35 irises and 28 tulips

4490 UAH

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Bouquet of 24 roses and 35 irises

4738 UAH

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75 irises

4768 UAH

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41 irises

4773 UAH

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101 tulips and irises

4785 UAH

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Bouquet of 40 tulips and 15 irises

5680 UAH

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Bouquet of 5 gerberas, 3 chrysanthemums, 3 irises

975 UAH

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Bouquet of 10 roses, 3 chrysanthemums

1330 UAH

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Bouquet of 9 chrysanthemums, 10 irises

1483 UAH

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Bouquet of 5 anthuriums, 7 orchids, 7 irises, 4 chrysanthemums

1824 UAH

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Bouquet of 9 roses, 5 chrysanthemums, 7 irises

2545 UAH

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Bouquet of 9 gerberas, 9 roses, 5 chrysanthemums, 8 irises

4759 UAH

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A bouquet of irises will help to give warmth and care to loved ones. These beautiful flowers came to us as if from another world. Irises are spring flowers, tenderness and fragility which fascinates even the most demanding customers. Such flowers are great as a gift to loved ones or friends. Unpretentious and timid, a bouquet of such flowers will decorate any celebration. That is why the most romantic nature of the world choose as a gift a bouquet of irises. The price for it is always moderate, but it brings joy more than any other colors.

You can order a bouquet of irises at any convenient time, and we guarantee quality service and freshness of the gift!

What you should know before you buy a bouquet of irises?

Iris is the flower that is not so common in flower shops. But its value can not be overestimated. Delicate and fragile, it carries strength and courage. In addition, a bouquet of "tangent" will help express gratitude, depth of feelings and genuine admiration.

In nature, as a rule, there are irises blue and violet. White irises are very rare, so they are worth their weight in gold, but even sometimes you can find them in our store. It is the white buds of this flower that express purity, tenderness and desire to give all the best that is in the soul, to another person.

У нас Вы можете купить такие ирисы:

  1. A bouquet of 101 iris: a huge bouquet of irises is a perfect gift for lavish celebrations, as well as for the closest people;
  2. Basket of irises: small and magnificent, collected by experienced florists, it will emphasize the romantic nature of your intentions towards the recipient;
  3. Bouquet with blue irises: the most popular shade of these colors is also the most beautiful. Blue color favorably stands out against the background of the usual pastel tones, and therefore only emphasize the originality and novelty of the gift.

Are you wondering why you can give irises? Our florists confidently answer that they will become the best bouquet on March 8 for your mother. Also of these flowers are the most beautiful bouquets for Birthday, which are perfect for a beloved woman or daughter..

Quality and fast delivery of flowers across Ukraine - a great way to surprise loved ones

Our online store is a great opportunity for you to order flowers with delivery at the most democratic prices and in the best quality. We provide 100% quality guarantee for all of our products, and also guarantee free delivery in big cities of Ukraine.

You can also buy not just a bouquet, but add a gift from our assortment: vintage sweets, soft and fluffy toys and much more. Before ordering, you can get acquainted with the photo deliveries from our store and read the positive feedback in order to make sure of the quality of our work. But even this is not all! We give everyone the opportunity to take part in our promotions, so that purchases are more pleasant, cheaper and more frequent!

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