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When we are invited for a birthday or another holiday, we always remember that with us it is desirable to grab a bouquet of flowers. We give flowers by putting them in our hands. Somehow it's already been said that flowers are so necessary to give.

And if not in the hands, and leave the flowers on the table? or under the door? or on the windowsill? Think then and that you need a vase. Vases today have not become such a fashionable gift, as it was about 20 years ago. And it is through this in young families that there is often enough nowhere to put flowers if they bring several bouquets. Vases can be bought not only for themselves, it is a good gift for a birthday, for a wedding, for a housewarming.

Vase - it not only has a purpose for temporary storage of a bouquet. Choose vases in the tone of your walls, furniture, curtains, in style and in the mood. Vases come in different forms, different styles - modern designers have taken care of it. This design element can be quite modern.

Vases are for living flowers and herbaria or other piece flowers and twigs. Transparent vases today are made more interesting by filling them with multi-colored gel balls that retain moisture and support the life of the bouquet. We have glass and porcelain vases, plastic and wicker.

On our site DF.UA you can find a wide assortment of different vases, which will suit both for a live bouquet, and for decorating a guest room. A variety of styles and prices will amaze you, you will certainly find for yourself what you lack to emphasize the style of your home.

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