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Heart shaped bouquets


51 red and white roses

4006 UAH

101 red and white roses

8114 UAH

101 red and white roses

8123 UAH

101 red and white roses

8130 UAH

101 red and white roses

8138 UAH

Bouquet of 121 red and white roses

9722 UAH

201 red and white roses

15943 UAH

251 red and white roses

20449 UAH

A heart of roses is an original design solution for any romantic holiday or occasion when you want to talk about feelings. It is a bouquet in the shape of a heart that will help in the best and most pleasant way to talk about the innermost, avoiding constraint. Whenever you want to say something special that goes beyond the ordinary, we choose a bright and colorful bouquet. The heart of roses, this magnificent and vibrant floral arrangement, has gathered all the most tender and reverent from the world of floristry, and is ready to present it to its recipients.

You can buy a composition of roses on any day, including weekends. After all, our courier delivery works every day, whenever you need our services!

Bouquet of roses in the shape of a heart - a classic floral gift

It is customary to give flowers in every country and in every culture. A particularly red heart of roses - a symbol of sensuality and passion - is appreciated on Valentine's Day: a day when love is spoken at every turn. But not only red is the key to this presentation. Our florists collect hearts from white flowers, or from buds of pink color, for any occasion.

A bouquet in the form of a heart is:

  • An original birthday present: with such a bright offer you can express your feelings for a person, and it’s just nice to congratulate him on his holiday. Suitable for both romantic and family birthdays;
  • A romantic gift for February 14: a bouquet of 101 roses in the shape of a heart will perfectly fit for the holiday, in which heart is the key symbol. A bouquet with a heart perfectly complements with your colors this warm day;
  • A nice present to family members: a bouquet of red roses in the form of a heart in any quantity will be an excellent gift for Mother's Day, giving the opportunity to express the fullness of feelings. The color and shape of the flowers will say everything for you, without requiring unnecessary words.

A heart-shaped bouquet of roses is the most popular and most pleasant gift for women. Such a gift will remind you of feelings and its sender for many weeks, as well as delight with its enchanting smell. After all, there is nothing more important than pleasant moments, such that you can easily create by buying roses with delivery.

Order a heart of roses with delivery in Ukraine

Flower delivery in Ukraine from our store is the most reliable, fast and high quality. We give a 100% guarantee both on the quality of roses in a bouquet and on transportation. This means that each bud will pass its own special inspection before being sent, and the courier will deliver the bouquet carefully and accurately. That is why our gifts are so appreciated by Ukrainians, which confirms more than 40 thousand orders completed by us.

Here you will also find pleasant promotions and discounts that will help you save a lot in difficult times. Order a bouquet of roses in the shape of a heart with delivery from us, and you and your recipient will know what true love is from a floristic salon!

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