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Candy boxes


Candy Ferrero Collection Weight: 300 g

569 UAH

Candy Arrow Weight: 200 g

230 UAH

Candy Raffaello Weight: 150 g

204 UAH

Candy Kiev Evening Weight: 176 g

188 UAH

Candy Roshen Assorted Weight: 154 g

219 UAH

Candy Roshen Assorted Weight: 154 g

219 UAH

Candy Raffaello Weight: 240 g

366 UAH

Candy Ferrero Rocher Weight: 200 g

355 UAH

Candy Ferrero Collection Weight: 172 g

391 UAH

Candy Ferrero Collection Weight: 260 g

541 UAH

One of the most popular gifts is a box of chocolates. No merriment and holiday can not do without sweets and everyone knows about it who has ever visited a house. Even with the main gift you can not guess, but the holiday will save a box of delicious chocolates. With the help of such a gift, you can stand out from the crowd of guests, since after the celebration the owner of a chic box of sweets will be left alone with the temptation, asking the question: "What taste do they have?", "And what is the filling?", "And if the desire, then why not try? ". After trying one, Sweets will probably guess who could give such a wonderful and practical gift.

A universal and important gift - sweets, can be presented to both a woman and a man, because it is always nice to treat yourself to a couple of "yummies" for tea or coffee, and especially if it is a gift from a close and loving person. In this case, it is not superfluous to give a bouquet, so that contemplating the amazing beauty of each flower, a person felt the warmth and care of the giver.

But, there are cases when the time to walk and choose a gift is critically lacking. Solve the problem can be one true and win-win way - to take delivery. All orders are carried out very carefully, and every customer is guaranteed to be able to get exactly what he wants. Without any doubt, having ordered a bouquet and a box of sweets, you will certainly please with a gift of your beloved, parents, friends, employees and acquaintances. Only in this way you can surprise everyone with a quick purchase and in any case you will not lose with a gift.

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