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Bouquet of 1 lily, 5 roses, 5 chrysanthemums

961 UAH

Bouquet of 44 roses, 11 alstroemerias

3444 UAH

Bouquet of 11 roses, 8 alstroemerias

1586 UAH

Bouquet of 7 roses, 5 spray roses, 13 chrysanthemums

1706 UAH

Bouquet of 18 roses, 7 alstroemerias

1618 UAH

Bouquet of 3 roses, 8 chrysanthemums

825 UAH

25 chamomiles

1304 UAH

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Bouquet of 15 roses, 8 eustoma, 12 alstroemerias

2038 UAH

Bouquet of 5 gerberas, 7 carnations, 5 chrysanthemums

1113 UAH

Bouquet of 7 roses, 5 spray roses, 5 chrysanthemums

1084 UAH

19 chamomiles

1073 UAH

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Bouquet of 6 roses, 2 anthuriums, 3 calla lilies

1059 UAH

Bouquet of 11 alstroemerias, 4 orchids

1059 UAH

31 chamomiles

1585 UAH

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Bouquet of 2 anthuriums, 3 orchids,9 roses, 3 alstroemerias, 2 chrysanthemums

1450 UAH

Bouquet of 22 roses, 6 orchids, 23 chrysanthemums

4033 UAH

Bouquet of 2 anthuriums, 5 calla lilies, 4 chrysanthemums

1083 UAH

Bouquet of 5 red roses, 6 calla lilies

1169 UAH

Bouquet of 5 roses, 4 chrysanthemums

1003 UAH

Bouquet of 3 strelitzia, 1 branch of orchids, 5 gerberas

1697 UAH

Bouquet of 1 lily, 4 gerberas, 3 green chrysanthemums

996 UAH

51 chamomiles

2479 UAH

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Bouquet of 5 chrysanthemums, 4 spray roses

691 UAH

Bouquet of 6 roses, 3 alstroemerias

715 UAH

Bouquet of 3 gerberas, 6 alstroemerias

668 UAH

Bouquet of 5 roses, 4 chrysanthemums

691 UAH

15 white and purple eustoms

1360 UAH

Bouquet of 5 roses, 1 lily, 3 chrysanthemums

832 UAH

Bouquet of 5 orchids, 6 alstroemerias

808 UAH

A bouquet is something without which it is difficult to imagine any holiday. Flowers adorn the life of every person, bring warmth, comfort and happiness. They will become a bright spot in gloomy everyday life, or they will add new colors to the already existing happy life. Nature has endowed us with a huge flower magnificence, which is now used in floristry and pleases the eye of everyone who is a frequent visitor in flower shops. Everyone is pleased to receive as a gift not just words, but a huge bouquet made up by experienced florists of favorite colors and shades.

Buying bouquets in modern life has become much simpler. It is enough just to spend a few minutes, having issued an order on the site, and the courteous courier will deliver the order to any place you need.

Beautiful flowers: variety of assortment and our offers

In our store you will find a large selection of fresh flowers from the newest supplies. Here you can find even the largest bouquet of flowers possible, which can be safely added to the VIP category and which all women of Ukraine wish. Also we can offer a bouquet of red flowers, white, pink and even rainbow!

Among our assortment, the most popular are such bouquets of different colors:

  1. A bouquet of flowers in the form of a heart: it is best suited for romantic confessions and those who have long wanted to give something special that conveys the whole range of feelings;
  2. Round bouquet: decorated by skilled hands of experienced florists, is a symbol of infinity, happiness and joy;
  3. Vertical bouquet for a man: discreet and collected, will be an ideal option to please the representatives of the beautiful and strong sex;
  4. Mini-bouquet of flowers: a small bouquet of flowers is the most sought-after, because it bears the charm and tenderness that sometimes is not enough in ordinary life.

Bouquets of flowers have no restrictions: they can be given for any reasons and at any time convenient for you. We offer flowers for the beloved on March 8: special gifts full of sensual pleasure. Also we can make a bouquet for your beloved woman for Birthday: lush, bright, attractive, which will attract all attention to yourself. After all, beautiful birthday bouquets are what every person deserves, and we are ready to give you this. Also we can make an original bouquet on Birthday from different colors and decor, or arrange it in the form of a word, letter or even a smile. It is worth paying special attention to a bouquet of flowers for the mom for the anniversary - a subtle, gentle and touching that will tell those three main words that you usually forget to say.

Delivery of flowers with 100% quality guarantee - our way to bring joy and happiness

Our flower delivery is an occasion for pride and something that has already been appreciated by more than 20,000 customers. Their happy reviews you can read by yourself, as well as view the photo of the deliveries, on which they smile with our flowers.

We have fast couriers and courteous consultants ready to fulfill any of your wishes. We also perform free delivery in large cities, so that their residents can save money and choose a bouquet more and brighter. In addition, we can add a gift for your choice to order: delicious sweets, soft toys, balloons and much more that will make the holiday memorable. But the most pleasant bonus will be the shares that we hold. All this makes us your personal assistant and friend, because we know better than others how to bring happiness to every person!

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